About the Author

John Chapman was born in the autumn of 1979. One of six children, he grew up in a house barely big enough for three. They had very little but learnt to make do with what they had and each other. Making contraptions out of cereal boxes and drawing on every last scrap of paper he could find, John’s passion for creativity began to take flight.

After an unfortunate year spent in remedial English, John quickly discovered his love of reading and promptly set about making up for lost time. Soon he began to write stories of his own set in fantasy worlds conjured from his own drawings. Though none would ever see the light of day, the seeds of a new form of expression had been sown.

At the age of 22, he spent a year living in a remote village in the mountains of Okayama, Japan, and returned to England a changed man. His first book, Raining Sushi and Donuts would later reveal the tragic nature of his time spent there, as well as his love for a country and people that was never his own.

For the next five years, he dedicated his life to the pursuit of his first passion, culminating in a master’s degree of fine art from Bath School of Art. But whilst his love for art never diminished, his finances inevitably did, and he was forced to return to work for the post office from where his long journey had begun. Eventually reaching rock-bottom in love and life, he moved to a new city and began working on what would become his life’s work, the fantasy epic, James of Galendar.

When he isn't writing or painting, John likes to go for walks in the countryside, foraging for leaves and berries to be used in his experimental wine fermentations. With a fondness for knitting, baking and growing beards, John believes he may be more prepared for old age than quite necessary.