James of Galendar is the first in a trilogy of books that follows the adventures of James Gelding. The sequel, Temple of the Kloven, is due for release in Autumn. The concluding book, The Last Magician, will hopefully be released in the spring of 2020. At the bottom of the page I have also included links to a book I wrote back in 2013 called, Raining Sushi and Donuts, a diary of a solo bicycle ride I once took across Japan.

James of Galendar

James of Galendar

When James Gelding entered the doctor’s office, he was prepared for bad news. What he didn’t expect was to be given a death sentence. The brain tumour was slowly killing him and his only hope for survival lay beneath the surgeon’s knife. On the operating table, he counted down from ten and waited for what might be the end…

When he awakes, he finds himself in another world of towering mountains and endless forest. A wicked arrow nails him to a tree as a beautiful, scarred warrior moves in for the kill. His life will be spared by the girl’s enigmatic father, Lord Galen, but only because he believes James to be the saviour for whom they have been searching.

In a world in which the age of the magician is long dead, a supernatural force threatens to engulf the land and enslave its people. With the help of Lord Galen’s daughter, Leander, James must brave the forests of the Gelding in search of the only man who holds the key to their salvation. Whether it is a figment of his imagination or the impossible truth, it is no longer only his life in the balance, but the fate of an entire world.

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Temple of the Kloven

I am currently halfway through writing the sequel to James of Galendar which will be called, Temple of the Kloven. It is due for release in the autumn of 2019.

Follow the book's progress via my YouTube channel: News from the Gelding

Raining Sushi and Donuts

Sitting on the flight to Osaka, it suddenly dawned on me that I might have made a terrible mistake. My physical training for the proposed 1800 mile cycle ride across Japan amounted to a 16 mile ride I completed the week before, whilst my trip planning hadn’t got any further than the ‘draw-an-arbitrary-line-across-a-map-of-Japan-printed-off-the-internet’ phase.

With a meagre budget of just £10 per day, I battled through ferocious typhoons, slept under bridges, took directions from gentlemanly gangsters and ate no less than 32 donuts along the way. This is the diary of my extraordinary trip into the unknown.

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