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News from the Gelding

Come and join me every Friday on YouTube where I discuss the week's progress with my writing, as well as answering questions regarding the books themselves. I'll talk more about my background, my daily work routine, my paintings, and books that have influenced my own writing. All in all, it's just a place to connect with readers of fantasy and sci-fi!


It would be great if having read one of my books you'd take the time to write a review! I'd also appreciate any book recommen­dations you might have. This is also a good place to ask any questions you might have about my writing.


If you don't want to sit through videos of me babbling away, you can follow any signifi­cant develop­ments via Instagram. I don't post too often on here, but anything important will be on here before anywhere else!


Whatever I post on Instagram will invariably end up on Twitter too, so if you don't use Instagram please follow me there if you like!