At some point this will be a dedicated shop where you can look through paintings I have to sell, as well as original linocut prints of the various book covers. But for now, it might be easier if you just buy through my online shop on Etsy. Just select the Etsy icon to go straight to my shop!


There aren’t a great many paintings to be found there at the moment due to the fact I’ve been selling off my collection to finance my writing. Painting for me has become more of a hobby since I started writing more seriously five years ago, therefore the styles and subject matter I use vary depending on my mood/current interest.

I have often turned to painting and drawing when trying to visualise the more unusual aspects of the fantasy world I have been creating for my books, so occasionally these works will also be available to buy if there is any interest.

So, if you do choose to buy something, please send me a message that it’s from one of my readers and I’ll include a little note of thanks!